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    Quote Originally Posted by piņardilla View Post
    Nailing the driver's ass to the wall won't bring them back.

    And for all we know, the driver could feel horrible about all of this.
    Let's not turn this into something vindictive before we know all the details.
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    Thank you all for showing love and support. Really...

    Red and Milo were two of the closest friends I ever had. Having them both suddenly ripped away has been earth-shattering.

    Especially Red, whom I had very strong feelings for for a long time, some of which she even seemed to reciprocate.

    It just means a lot to me that her love is spread everywhere throughout the furry community. Thank you...

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    Heard about this earlier today through Tumblr. My god, this is so shocking. I can't say I knew them all that well, but both of them were such a familiar sight when I was far more active here and on FAF, and were great to banter around with. Such good people taken away so suddenly.

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    My God, I just found out about this...fuck. No words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamat View Post
    My God, I just found out about this...fuck. No words.
    Well this has forced me to learn the hard way, repeatedly, that when words don't do it justice, tears usually do. My spirit is completely broken.

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    Awful news I never spoke with them but I saw Red post a lot here and on the FAF during my short time on both forums.

    My condolences to Red's & Milo's family and friends and may they both R.I.P.
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    Okay. I'm officially, permanently done with FAF. They're not even worth a ban evade anymore. But I said a lot of things about Red and Milo over there that I'm going to start crossposting here because this is their thread and there ain't enough love in general but especially here. So sorry for all the times this thread is going to get bumped.

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    I remember seeing the posts from CC way back when I joined faf in 2010. Of all the people there she was one of the ones whose posts I always looked out for. The kind of person whose perspective you always enjoy hearing from.

    I never knew that same person was Redsavage here. We never actually talked, and now just like that I find out she's gone.

    Just... Dammit guys, I'm so sorry to hear this.
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    I wish she hadn't lied to me, even if I think she had good intentions for doing so. She told me a former friend expressed a certain level of regret at how he'd handled our falling out and hadn't badmouthed me or anything since all that. When that same former friend said he'd told her what a piece of shit I was, I strongly doubt she let it color her view of me that much, if at all. Because we actually became friends partly because of that situation. It was what led to me quitting FA entirely for a bit and retreating to DA where CoyoteCaliente followed me to just to basically let me know he was down for life and stay in touch. Our first really serious, personal conversation that I can recall came out of that because I was explaining to him what was up with me and how ex-friend was part of it. But, from the very start I was as open with him as I'd been with my other friends about just how bad my part of it was and how that was the more depressing thing than all the other things about the beef. CC really felt that. His own exile was still a ways off, and I'm not quite sure how bad the drug abuse was at that point, but pushing away friends and being an angry, miserable prick was something he already felt a terrible hole in his heart over and wanted to repair. You see, we were both seeking redemption for largely the same sins and, though we were courting disaster (and death) differently, I think we both wanted out for a lot of the same reasons. We crossed paths on a mission for forgiveness and when your friendship is founded on that it can only lead to some kind of salvation.

    When she came back as I think it was ImperatorRed before RedSavage, we did seem to have a much different friendship, but as far as I could tell it was different because she wasn't the smart little brother to keep me on my toes I never had but always wanted anymore. She was more like the cheerleader/popular chick that makes it a point to drag the shy nerdy kid who looks better than he thinks he does into something sexy or risque just to let him know she kinda digs him. And yes, I have been lucky enough to basically be that guy in real life on at least a handful of occasions. So I think I know when it's real. But I can't "know" like I thought I did now. Where me and her really stood, if she had her doubts about me, if she meant when she said I was handsome and strong or if that was just a line she wrote to keep my spirits up like what she said about "the ex"?

    I know I'm probably playing myself by even entertaining the thought I've been played at all. And I also know that although I worship death, I also worship a lot of other things I can't prove exist. And I treat those things no differently. So, for all intents and purposes, she lives, as far as I go, until death proves right and life proves finite. So believing that, whatever she would feel as far as I can know or guess in this situation, is something I should always bear in mind and while I do strongly believe that at this point she would be totally behind me doing the dis track I planned, she would be even more strongly behind my rationale not to drop the bomb. Hell, I think she'd admire it.

    Here's the problem with doing a dis track against a little known thorn in mine and a few friends' side. Actually there's several good reasons, but I'll dash straight to the most important reason, and that's because the song was going to be based on Straight Outta Compton. The song, not the movie. But if you see the movie and have that fresh a reminder in your head of the kind of person Eazy-E is, you might find it very easy to understand where I'm coming from. It's obvious. Red lied to me because she wanted to believe me and him could be friends again someday. She would go to great lengths to restore a friendship, she would encourage me to do the same any time I started to lose hope. Our friendship came out of personal struggles and bad circumstances, so it was that tight. She must have really meant it when she said sometimes she needed me to be strong (for her, was the subtle vibe) because the fact we were both doing good by then just seemed to make the whole narrative all the more beautiful and she needed the kind of hope that brought really bad after having to go through what she did and was continuing to on some levels. We still needed to be there for each other was the point and she probably believed that was equally true of a lot of friends, former and otherwise. And she probably also missed the good old days herself, whatever those were to her.

    So anyway, after Eazy's band splits, some time later he tried to get them back together. Eazy only failed because he died of AIDS before anything much could get done. I failed because I can't tell certain people shit. But what I can tell you is that CoyoteCaliente kinda looked up to me, RedSavage sorta saw me as, maybe not a rock, maybe anchor is a better word, and what I am is a guy who would not be anything like he is without Eazy-E and that song. So, indirectly, she too is part of that man's legacy, or has been touched by it. That only goes to show why this is so much bigger than me, him, or her. I might give up on reconciliation, he might, even Red might at a certain point. But Eazy wouldn't. And, since that's kinda my elder, I defer to him because that is hip-hop and hip-hop is his domain, as is the space of life it occupies.

    I think Red would take this as more evidence she was right in a lot of what she said about me, whether or not she meant all of it at the time. And knowing that alone I think is going to make this a lot easier from here on in. But that small shadow of doubt will probably always remain.

    edit: sorry, just felt I should add. I think RedSavage or really anyone would be able to understand not wanting to sully one great inspiration's name for the sake of defending another's. But another and I think perhaps equally if not more important reason is because shit like that is what started the split in N.W.A and untold numbers of other bands. It's what started the initial rounds of dis tracks that led to the hip-hop blood feuds that almost certainly led to the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Unfortunately, that is also part of Eazy-E's legacy. He wouldn't want anything remotely close to it to be part of mine. Nor would RedSavage. Nor do I.
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