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    No one wants to install a browser addon or tool in order to theme a website. The site should have multiple available themes. It's not hard to do at all, just requires multiple CSS files and an option in the user's profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skrimp View Post
    In retrospect having users be able to put in their own colors or background images for browsing / user pages, would be neat. " Themes " could be a new submission type. Obviously in concept default themes could still be used or defaulted to if someone didn't like another's theme or to use one's theme for the whole of the site.
    This is an excellent suggestion.

    Quote Originally Posted by skrimp View Post
    I'm also curious about how the current theme is seen by various color-blind types.
    And this is an excellent point. Canada actually has a law governing readability of sites hosted there; you have to run the site through a system that checks for contrast between text and background and whether links can be identified as such in grayscale, etc. I know because I had to run a site through it for work once and fix whatever wasn't compliant. I personally think their system is a bit too touchy, but for something that aims to serve such a large userbase, it would be nice to see how far short of the mark it falls and make some tweaks if necessary.

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    I'm color blind, and personally I don't see anything wrong with Weasyl's default theme. All dark BG and light gray boxes. Looks neutral and non intrusive. The lighter dark behind submissions seems to decrease the irritation in the eyes too.



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