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Thread: Reading!

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    What you listen to while you're drawing (or Audiobooks)

    I started listening to audiobooks to motivate me to study art. I always got so frustrated with gesture studies etc that I was so unreliable to do them. So I started to listen to audiobooks, and I can't listen if I'm not drawing. That way, if I want to continue the story I MUST be studying!

    Sooo I'm always on the lookout for new books! Who here likes reading, and what god books have you read recently?
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    Pick one.
    Get a loada this guy here.

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    Pick one? Why not both

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    I've actually listened to the audio version of Around the World in 80 days! I should definitely add 20000 Leagues Under the Sea to my list.

    When I started listening to Audiobooks while drawing, I was worried that I would get so engrossed in my art that I would faze out of the audio, but I found that wasn't the case. However, drawing and listening does definitely take up 100% of my concentration, and if somebody talks to me I can't even register words before muting the book.

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    I personally love audiobooks! I'm not sure I how I feel about listening to them while working on art. However, I originally started listening to audiobooks a few years ago because I had to drive a series of long road trips, and I needed something to keep my interest and focus from dwindling from boredom.
    I started with the Harry Potter series, since I never managed to finish it as a kid. I'm now listening to various Sherlock Holmes stories :3

    If you need a site where there are lots of good quality audiobooks for free, I'd reccomend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday View Post
    If you need a site where there are lots of good quality audiobooks for free, I'd reccomend
    Nice! Might use this for some language practice as well.

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    Here's the current reading list. Some I've read before, others I'm re-reading again, and a few are about to be read soon. Never had a problem with audiobooks myself, but I've never been one to multi-task. I'm a one thing at a time sort of guy, so I can understand that animator guy's point.

    Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
    Making Comics by Scott McCloud
    The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty by Aaron Clarey
    Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey
    Worthless by Aaron Clarey
    Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey
    The Beginner's Book of Meditation by Attila Orosz
    How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal by Claudia Nice
    The Art of Bioshock Infinite by Julian Murdoch & Various
    The Art of Remember Me by Aleksi Briclot & Various
    You Might Remember Me by Mike Thomas
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    I'm a classic lit kinda person, and I just finished reading Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, and it's now one of my all-time favorites.

    I'm not really a fan of audiobooks in general unless it's either a voice I really love or something that was meant to be heard with your ears rather than seen with the eyes, like poetry. And I could never get anything out of them (or at least the types of things I'd go for, since I don't have this problem with podcasts like WTNV) if I was studying. The two conflicting sets of words I'd process would cause problems and I'd likely switch them around or something, making everything take longer. Plus I'm one of those readers that really likes to "chew" on words, so to speak.

    Video game music, on the other hand, is a completely different ballpark.
    I mean it was designed to engage the listener.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SailorX2 View Post
    Video game music, on the other hand, is a completely different ballpark.
    I mean it was designed to engage the listener.
    Just make sure it isn't Ragnarok Online music or else you'll glance at the clock and OH CRUD it's 4 am.



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