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I remember you told me of your friends there. I wish you the best of fun!

The latest festivals have been most exhilarating. I cannot wait to receive photos of them as I would like to share them around. I am sure nobody minds seeing people in armour, right? c:
The conference will be about history, that I can say for sure, at this moment. I cannot give more information at this moment as details will be clarified this Thursday when I shall meet the organizers and deliberate all what is to be deliberated.
I am sure we will, we are great friends with a lot of common and we have so much planned. Plus Norway is such a beautiful country. The countryside is amazing and nothing like what we are used to in the UK. I really do love it over there.

Oh that us awesome, sadly when I used to LARP even when photo's where taken they were not allowed to be shared publicly. Since some people were in professions where it could cause issues if their employers or colleges found out. So that was a bit of a shame. So it is cool that you get photo's!

I see, still sounds pretty great! I hope it goes well!