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    Jury Duty

    Everyone's nightmare come true. The judiciary system has decided to summon me to perform my civic duty in the court of law and tomorrow morning I will find out if I am selected to take part in the arduous process of determining the guilt of a fellow citizen. Lord have fucking mercy, there is a chance TA's could be sitting in a juror's box. I actually hope I get selected, I've never been on a jury before and it seems like it'd be interesting. Anyone here have jury duty before?
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    I was selected for jury duty this year, but I had to postpone it. Now it looks like I'm going in January. Not a fan of the idea of fighting traffic to get to the courthouse, since they chose to send me to one a bit farther away, but I do hope it'll be interesting once I actually get there.

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    I have. Speeding ticket. It was annoyingly pointless. IMO the thing that sealed his guilt was his attempt to tell a sob story about how if he got this ticket he wouldn't be allowed to be a driving instructor or some such. It didn't work, none of us bought it. He also tried to give some BS about the height of the speed limit sign.

    We figured he was trying to make the light at the bottom of the hill.

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    I've never been chosen but I always thought it sounded interesting.

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    Why would they have a jury case for a speeding ticket?
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    I've been summoned for the selection but never chosen. Enjoyed the process. A friend of mine got summoned to a grand jury. Once a week for six months. Over an hour drive one way without traffic.

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    The one time I've received a jury notice was from a state in which I no longer lived. From what I hear, as soon as I receive my doctorate there's pretty much zero chance of me ever actually being selected to a jury, but I would still have to show up and sit around through the selection process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeenageAngst View Post
    Why would they have a jury case for a speeding ticket?
    I don't know if it's a city thing or a state thing, but that's how it was done. Sometimes it works, but the person needs to have good proof they couldn't have done it.

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    Well I made the first round of cuts but was stricken by one of the lawyers for whatever reason. Dunno why, none of the questions they asked applied to me. Anyway I'm still in the rotation until the end of July so we'll see what happens next week.
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    I got summoned, but not selected.

    It just reminded me of school.
    We sat in a big room for a few hours, answered a bunch of questions, and sat and pissed our time away while an educational video played in the corner.
    And there were snack machines.
    Then I took the bus home at like 11.
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