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    Suggestion: Queues!

    Is it possible to enable a queue option for uploads? There are some days when I'll draw like 5-6 things, and I don't want to upload them all at once, but by the time I try to upload once a day I end up forgetting which things I've posted and sometimes I'm too busy to even be sitting at the computer to make it happen.

    I feel that having an option to pre-create submissions would not only help artists manage their upload times so it's not overwhelming to viewers, but it would also give them reasonable exposure in both the tags and the front page by having consistent uploads.

    I'm primarily a tumblr user so this is one of the features that I use often haha. I'd be great if it was a site feature but if anyone has suggestions for plugins that would do the same thing I'm all ears.
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    If you're on Windows, I have a program that'll do something like that. You gotta leave it running though...

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    I'm on OSX so that wont work for me haha. Plus I turn my computer off when I'm not in front of it. I'll definitely point that out to my PC friends though!

    I think it'd still be a really nice site feature haha. I'd use it all the time for sure
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    It sounds like a pretty good idea!

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    yes!!! I totally agree there should be an option/feature/plug-in like that, because I run into the same problem but with scanning. Sometimes I scan and edit like 10 different sketches, but I don't want to post them all at once. I'm busy during the week and when the weekend arrives I also forget what I've already posted and what I haven't =m=;;
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    I dig this suggestion.



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