So I wanna raise funds towards both God of War 3 (less than 40 on Amazon) and towards regaining the $200-some I lost due to taxes and bike repairs for my job a few months ago, so I am taking 5 YCH Badge Commission slots. For more information, please visit this link:

I am sorry they don't look like much, but I'll have a fully body commission coming up soon, in case you'd prefer buying for that (I do not know what it'll be yet, but I'm leaning more towards a character reference sheet) Please also note that while the badge sketch is traditional, the finished product will be digital. I made it a basic headshot for that reason, so I can tweak it to look like your character

So please make sure to visit that submission and read all the info in the artist description Thank you for your time

(PS: Starting July, my friend and I will be opening collaboration commissions, so I'll be posting a thread for that once we have our commission sheet set)