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    Where to start.
    I go by the name SP or colliefan on most furry sites, I'm most active here and Sofurry.
    I like anthro canines and as my name suggests collies are a fave breed of mine (They feature a lot in my works).
    I've been an active fur for a while and I'm the older age group, although I'm not in the old fart section yet.
    I tend to hold my ground and refuse to back down when I know I'm right, I also take a dim view on internet bullies and drama whores (One of the main reasons I like Weasyl and Sofurry as this kind of behavior isn't allowed).
    A few people that pushed their luck with me and lost may try and spread lies about me to soil my name (And yes a few people that have accounts here have done this on other sites in the past)
    I'm a friendly sort, but I don't suffer fools.

    I tend to write mostly although more recently I've tried my hand at drawing.
    I like to keep the anthros in my works more feral in nature, IE I like to give them more animistic genitalia as well paws and digigrade legs (Why lose all that animal charm by making them too human?).
    A lot of my work is adult in nature for one reason or another.
    Mostly due to a busy home life I watch more than submit these days.

    I think that covers it.


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    hi :D



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