Since advertising can never be harmful...
I therefore think there is nothing bad in taking the initiative in broadcasting the services I can provide


Have you by chance ever expressed the wish to see one or more of your characters brought to life in a vivid world, with various plots containing Machiavellian political intrigues, romance, juicy slices of life, fantasy that would shatter the borderlines of imagination, or maybe horror tales that would shred your spine in morbid anticipation?
Or maybe you wanted to shape out a character but happen to lack the techniques to describe him precisely, or maybe what you wish is to outline unfathomable worlds and see them animated on paper.

Well, my name is Eduard and I undertake the role of a choreographer, a director who guides words to unleash the most gracious dances and vivid images on paper, the podium the occupy. Therefore, I am here to satisfy your wants by delivering literature most exquisite.

That being said, I am open for commissions, providing narratives as well as poetry; and there is not a subject I am not able to conquer.

You may find my terms of service here:
(Pardon the occasional humour you may see present there)

Samples can be seen all over my gallery.

I am looking forward to hear your thoughts, and hopefully your business propositions.
Feedback/Compliments/Critiques/etc are all very appreciated.

Interested parties can contact me on my Weasyl, on my FA ( or my Email: