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    Characters page having childs , a suggestion

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    Lee (my oc, my very first pic of her)
    then there will be a drop down menu or something and there will be many other drawings of said character

    Lee in swimming suit | Lee throwing a temper-tantrum | Lee ect ect
    This is Kind of like how I have my Giant Character Reference list set up on Weebly.
    I find it very helpful in having people get to know the character a little better.
    I also found that people on art sites respond better to visuals more so than Text Links
    of all the artwork available of a character. It's too much work to click through them all.
    I used to use Text links of all art of a character listed under their Refsheet. It doesn't go well.

    This would actually be a neat feature to have on Weasyl.
    Very useful for the character feature it would be.
    The question is, would be how to implement it.
    Would it be something like, artwork in galleries can be put into
    some type of collection/Folder feature displayed under the character page?

    PS: The title of this discussion is kind of Misleading. I thought it was about characters having family trees at first. (You can just text link for that easy.)



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