For examples of my work feel free to go to his link to check out more:

It's about time I started selling my work and hopefully making a lot of people happy in the process. I will be eternally grateful for any purchase made here as it helps support me as an artist and allows me to follow my dreams of creating artwork. Here's a breakdown of everything you'll need to know:

Getting Started: You can start by messaging me here or emailing me at: and from there we can discuss pricing and details of the artwork you want created.


Tasteful Nudity. (+$20 to any category) (If this is too much then message me and we can negotiate)
Anything can be drawn. (This includes OCs fanart etc.) Only things from the Don'ts category will I decline outright.
I will emulate any style but if I feel I cannot recreate it well enough I will let you know. (Think of style as: Blizzard, Anime, Realistic, Western cartoon, etc)
I'm not limited to fictional characters I will do actual people.
I'm also not limited to humanoid characters. I will do robots/gundams/anthro/objects/vehicles/etc.
Gore as a result of typical violence or comedic effect. (An example is the Mortal Kombat piece I have done.)


Explicit pornography.
No extreme or perverse gore.
Extreme fetishes. (Scat, watersports, etc.)
I reserve the right to deny any request if I feel uncomfortable doing it.

Payment information:
After selecting the category you would like to have created, you will then send the payment to on Paypal. Projects will be completed in the order in which they are paid. You will be notified when your project has begun and when your project has finished. You can request to have updates on the status of your project whenever you please once it has begun. Multiple projects may be worked on simultaneously. You will be informed if this is happening. Please include the email in which you would like your project delivered to. I will send a high resolution image file in the format suitable for the medium created but you can request a different file format if you would like. A download link will be provided for files too large to be sent via email. If you are unable to receive emails I will upload the image to Deviantart where you can download it there.



Colored Avatar:

Still: $5
Animated: $10

Description: An avatar for the web. Can be for forums or whatever you would like to use it for. Can be of anything you want as long as it follows the do's and dont's. Can be animated minimally if you chose but it will cost extra. (See above) Please let me know what size you want the avatar to be so I can tailor it to whichever site or medium you are using it for. The maximum size is 256x256 so please do not suggest anything larger.

Single character - full body - simple background: For each additional character added to the image there will be a $10 charge.

Basic Gray render: $10
Cell Shading: $15
Full Color Illustration: $25

Description: A full body painting of any character of your choice with a simple background. Or it could range from full body to portrait size if you choose. Can be an OC or fanart if you choose. As stated above the base prices are set for either gray, cell shaded or full render with one character. However, if you want more than one character in a single image it will cost $10 per additional character.

Realistic Portrait painting:

Full Grayscale render: $25
Full Color render: $50

Description: A realistic painting of a person. It can be fictional but this is more intended for real people (Celebrities, family members, etc.) This portrait will be from the shoulders up with a very simple background to go with it. You can choose from a full grayscale rendering or a full colored rendering.

Full Illustration: There will be an additional charge of $25 for each major non background element. (This includes things like: Additional characters, vehicles, giant robots etc)

Background and 1 character: $50
Background only (But with even more detail to make up for the lack of character(s)): $50

Description: As stated above the initial price comes with 1 fully rendered character and a fully rendered background or if you just want the landscape I can do that as well for the same price. This illustration will be fully rendered and detailed. Also as stated above each major-nonbackground-element such as vehicles or characters will cost an additional $25.

Traditional Illustration: Portraits will have an additional $35 charge per character / Illustrations will have an additional $50 charge per major non background element.

Portraits - Pencil: $95
Portraits - Color: $125
Full Illustration - Pencil: $145
Full Illustration - Color: $200

Description: The original artwork will be mailed to you, however, you will need to pay the cost of shipping and handling. Portraits or Illustrations can be of anything. The portraits will have simple backgrounds whereas the Illustrations can be fully rendered scenes. Each section follows similar rules as other categories, however, this is simply done with traditional media and the original piece will be mailed to you. As for color I'm more experienced with marker renderings and colored pencils. Though I can do gouache and water color as well.

Animated Illustration: There will be an additional $25 charge for each major non background element.

Base price: $100

Description: An animated illustration similar to the log in splash screens from League of Legends. You can refer to the Full Illustration category as the same terms apply here. If you have specific ideas for the animation you can let me know but I will not do anything too extravagant. The idea is to animate the major elements to better show emotion instead of having a fully animated episode.


Price Negotiable.

Description: What you want isn't on this list? Perhaps you have something a bit more specific in mind? Send me a note and we can negotiate out the details and the price of whatever you may want from me.

Everything should follow the do's and don'ts but if you are unsure if what you want is something I'll do just note me and we can talk about it. I'm pretty lenient in what I'll draw up so don't be shy!

As stated above I will draw/paint nudity but please make it tasteful. Something more along the lines of pin ups or Ecchi. (softcore, no explicit sex)

A very big thank you again to all the people who have been following me throughout my art career. Without any of you none of this would be possible!

If you like my work and would like to support me further please feel free to check out my Patreon here:
As always, any amount pledged helps greatly!