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    1. Blacklist tag thing is pointless. People don't tag their shit correctly. So I still get a bunch of stuff on the front page and whatever that I really don't want to see.

    2. I know it's probably the beta thing, but the loading lag on this site can be a real pain.

    3. There needs to be an easier option like the tag modifier on the submission page to edit descriptions, titles, and so on. Not having to go to a different page altogether.

    4. I'm upset there isn't an option to edit multiple folders (including subfolders) at one time.

    5. There isn't a "show nothing" on the profile options for what people see on your profile page in terms of submissions, characters, etc. Sometimes people might not want any previews to their stuff on their profile. Or maybe I'm just the weird one.

    6. The "embed video" youtube option is crap. It doesn't register regular YT links, nor the "embed" coding YT offers. Either that or I just don't know how to work that thing.

    7. I think it'd be really neat to do a similar setup like with the characters submission template, but for regular submissions too where it shows creds like "programs used, time taken, drawn with", etc. It'd be fun for some users, I think.

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    Well i'd have to disagree with your first point, I have a few blacklisted tags and it's been working out pretty well for me. If you find something that is missing tags it isn't hard to just add them yourself.

    And the last one, it's not something I'd care enough to have taking up space on my submissions and having all those extra fields would make the upload page more cluttered than it already is, so I dunno if I agree with that.

    But the rest yeah. I actually just tried it myself and I couldn't figure out how to work it and I couldn't find any documentation, although I have seen people do it before so I assume it must work somehow.



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