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    Oh um...hi

    Hello everyone! I am CowardlyPony, but you can call me eevee or whatever. I'm new to weasyl community in general and I love meeting new people! I mostly draw ponies from the show my little pony; friendship is magic, but I am currently wanting to move from that into anthro or feral. I love to roleplay, and I can't seem to stop making go ahead and roleplay with me! I also want to learn how to make digital paintings, so if there's anyone willing to teach me that'll be great!

    Have a great day everyone.

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    I'mma call you CP, okay? Welcome to the Weasyl community, CP! I honestly haven't watched the new MLP stuff. I liked the original My Little Pony but I was also a toddler then. So I don't really remember much about. I remember more about Rainbow Brite surprisingly. I'd say it was because I liked the movie.

    Heh, anyway it's great to have you. Good to see another RPer. That's always welcome in my book. As for learning digital painting... I'm pretty sure there are many artists here (or also on Deviant Art or Furaffinity) who have made some pretty choice tutorials on different processes in that field. So it mainly depends how you want to learn it. There are the drawn/typed out step-by-steps or there are links to tutorial videos. And then what exactly you want to pick up. For example, do you want a basic, general tutorial for beginners, do you want to learn specific techniques, etc.? I'd help if I could but I'm inexperienced in instruction and I'm not painterly in digital work. Still more of a sketch artist. :p

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    Oh wow you watched gen one too? x3 Woo! Anyways, I really learn how to use watercolors from the ground up.^^ I need to know the basics before trying everything else. xD Also, Rainbow Brite is one of my favorite gen 1 ponies. Thanks a lot for the welcome! I really appreciate it.



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