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    Prose & Poems Advertising Thread

    So, writers! I, along with a whole bunch of people, would like to ask you something.

    What sorts of fantastic, amazing stories are out there that makes us sympathize with the characters and keep us invested in the plot until we're left with a satisfying ending that stays with us for months, if not years, to come?

    Feel free to post your stories for all of us to see. I know I'm looking forward to it.
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    Oh, meant to respond to this sooner. I guess I could put some of my poetry on here. My poetry is... strange, but I think in a good way. It's certainly its own breed no matter if I do free form or structured. I tend to go train-of-thought very easily. Alright, enough self-commentary. Here you go:

    "No Plateau"

    Reach far, true,
    Through, Into.
    Greater than what seems
    Told of legend and dreams
    Further still
    Tip to tip slipping along the reel.
    Images flicker across the steel.
    Lights flash behind the eyes-
    Burst. Stars. Past what lies
    Just under the surface.
    Deeper, further, and farther along
    Are foreign lyrics of an alien song.
    My hands shaking…
    Spirit quaking
    Eyes wide open
    Mind unbroken
    Words unspoken.
    Wonderful light, I turn my eyes to you.
    Centered in the folds and waves
    I steal away in your gaze.
    Feeling altered to the unnamed things
    Now placed within spaces of the passing of time.
    Tell my story.



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