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    Looking for a Star Wars themed full colored wallpaper.

    By wallpaper I mean just 1280x800.
    Somewhat Specific Details and NSFW links below.

    I was just thinking of involving my character in a Star Wars themed wallpaper.
    Of course my initial references -
    - 1 - (NSFW - nudity) -
    - 2 - Censored NSFW reference but still shows naked butt -
    I'd like him to be dressed in this outfit but with a more brownish color a little darker than his fur color and the top shirt part of the outfit cut the belt because it is tucked in to the pants.
    I want an overhead view of him that shows the bottom portion of him. It's sort of hard to explain - but it's like these.
    - 1 (NSFW link) -
    - 2 (NSFW link) -
    Or like this if you can't view those
    I would like him with that point of view on him as he is leaning out in battle mode with a determined face with a blue lightsaber with this type of hilt on the saber. And this is set in a snowy forest location.

    For right now I just want to compare prices and options so I can settle on something.
    Thanks for the consideration in advance.
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    I could do that for you!
    Here is a link to examples of my work:
    My prices for a fullbody colored drawing with background range from 25$ to 45$ depending on the level of detail and complexity you want
    Please let me know if you're interested!

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    Hello!I'd love to do something like this for ya.:3
    As I assume you'd want your character and bg fully shaded, I can do this for 90$

    Some examples include:

    If interested just drop me a note or send me an email at



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