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    Buying 3-character, G-rated commission

    I'll buy either an inked with no coloring or a flat color - please quote me for both prices. Don't undercut yourself, I understand there may be extra fees due to detail.

    Reply in this thread please. Thanks!

    The commission is of three anthro characters, a bengal cat, a weasel, and a wolf, all female. They are sitting on a couch (wolf=left, weasel=center, bengal=right). The viewer is looking at them directly from the front, the image should cut out at the lower ends of the characters' legs. The bengal has her hands on her lap, the weasel has her left hand on the bengal's left. The weasel has a sympathetic expression, the bengal looks depressed. The wolf has one hand on the weasel's shoulder, the other placed on her own chest. She looks worried. The wolf and weasel are looking at the bengal.

    All three women have average busts.

    Bengal – Disheveled fur and fur markings. Wears a blouse that is buttoned in a lopsided fashion, and ankle-length pants with no pockets. Whiskers.

    Weasel – A long neck compared to the other two characters. She wears a T-shirt with a single large flower on its front as a design. She wears tight-fitting jeans.

    Wolf – Unlike the other two, she has a “hairdo” - she has long curly hair that goes down past her shoulders. She's wearing a tank top with no designs on it and khaki pants.

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    Grayscale artwork
    I will draw all of the characters for $45 in a detailed grayscale artwork.
    Or I can draw all of them in flat colour style like this.
    Flat colour 1
    Flat colour 2
    For $60.

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    usually i only do colored work, so this would be around 35-40 dollars total, but if you want it uncolored, i could probably bump that down to 25-30, as color takes up a lot of my work time. if you're interested, my commissions info is in this thread, and examples of all my art can be found here. would love to hear back from you!
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    Hey! I don't know if you're still looking for anyone to do this or not, but I thought I would offer anyway, just in case haha.

    Examples of my art are in my Weasyl gallery and on my FA.

    For the uncolored, inked version of this, I'd charge around $40 and I'd charge about $65.

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    Hey there, if youre still looking for an artist I'd love to help you out! It sounds like a nice an emotional picture, and something you want very specific. I can absolutely do that! My gallery is HERE if you wanna take a peek at what I can do, and for a price I can offer a lined piece for 70$ (Base price being 30$ for single character + BG, adding 30$ for the two extra characters, adding 10$ as a safety net for necessary revisions) and a Flat colored piece for 110$ (Base price being 50$ for single character + BG, adding 50$ for the two extra characters, adding 10$ as a safety net for necessary revisions). If you want to see more options, HERE leads to my commission info, and HERE leads to my Terms of Service! Thank you for the chance to work with you!

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    In case you are still looking despite the option of many lovely artists, I could do uncolored for $30.

    Gallery Here.

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    If you're still looking for an artist~ I'd like to offer my hand to you!

    For just an ink I'd be comfortable doing $15 for this picture, and for flat colors, I'd bump it up to $45. is my price list with examples, my inks are just the outlines, but I would be more than happy to add a little color depending on your wants. Let me know!

    If you decide to hire me, poke me in a note, or email I'll leave this page open too if you'd rather communicate through this.

    Thank you for your time.



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