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    As a writer of the more 'erotic' or 'pornographic' end of the spectrum, I can say that most of what I've read from my 'peers' over the years usually ends up coming across like a desperate attempt to be as hard core as a short story you'd find in Hustler or Swank, with no real attempt to include anything resembling a story line. To be honest, I often read the first few pages to see what level of education they're writing with before investing any more time on them. Hell, sometimes I don't make it past the first page simply due to horrible grammar, bad spelling, and utter lack of plot aside from something you'd find in a badly made x-rated film.

    However, there are a few folks out there that get it right, and they produce stories for the more 'adult' portion of the audience that truly shine. It is unfortunate that one usually has to slog through reams of material with all the depth of "My Immortal" in order to reach the few gems hidden among them. If you haven't had the experience of reading that particular tale, please, spare yourself the agony. As a straight A student in English and Literature, that one hurt my soul. If you should stumble across it, run, save yourself.

    As for the content in written furry works, to be fair, the level of bad isn't limited to the erotic end of the spectrum. I've read just as many poorly written 'clean' works as I have across the way in the erotic isle, so to say the content is simply better due to lack of adult content is utterly false. There are a wide array of talent levels throughout the community.

    My works are adult in nature, and are labeled as such to warn folks ahead of time. If that's not what you're looking for, great! There are plenty of authors in the community that will cater to your preferences. I write what I enjoy, and I'm simply grateful there are a few folks out there that find my work appealing. I try to create characters with depth, plots that are entertaining, and most importantly, I take reader feedback into account so that I may improve.

    The written content is much like TV or radio. If it's not what you're looking for, simply change the channel.

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    Funny enough, I write smut only when I'm in a writing rut. I prefer to get imaginative with my stories, testing out ideas in a manner that is more or less experimental. However, when I'm going through writing block, I write more adult-rated material as an attempt to come up with new ideas. Why? My hormones are always kicking around, so I'll always have ideas in that department. Some of those ideas may turn out to work in a more general-rated story (or mature-rated when I'm writing horror).

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    As others have said, it's very much a question of quality. Adult literature can be poor because very often, the person writing it makes the sex the central element of the story, around which everything else revolves. What that leaves the reader is yes, sex, but also, just sex. If the plot is sex, then bluntly, there isn't a story to tell. What has been written is just a descriptive sex scene. While that may still garner lots of interest online, it is highly likely that it wouldn't get accepted into a publication.

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    Oh my god, why haven't I seen this topic?

    So my most recent claim to fame is what I call my "elf smut" series. It's just a WoW fanfic about a paladin who goes around porking elfs that is now, all totaled, beyond novel length. This is by far my most popular series because it involves sex, and yet not. Every single sex scene is predicated on a relationship between the characters involved. The role sex plays also frequently changes. In some stories it's the climax (lol), the culmination of the building tension between the characters, while in others its a way to explain the complex emotions and relationship between the characters through a more physical medium. I also go out of my way to make it realistic. Sometimes the girl's faking it or the main character is phoning it in, sometimes the size differences between the fantasy characters makes things awkward, etc. but that all rolls into what it's trying to convey.

    The takeaway from this shameless plugging and self-insertion (lol) is that erotica can be done well, tastefully even. If we care about the characters, if we care about *why* they're fucking, if we're emotionally involved in their pretend little lives and want to see them have a happy ending (lol) then erotica can be just as fulfilling a literary medium as any other. In fact I don't think I'd be able to convey the same kinds of emotions or tell the same story the way I want to were it not for the inclusion of illustrated sex.

    People will also very quickly pick up on quality work in the genre, it just depends how you write it and where you post it. If you're producing smut of any real calibre you'll get some people writing comments and favoriting with one hand on FA, but if you're a serious writer, good fucking luck. Those folks don't want to sit through page turners. I'm convinced it is in no small part due to the fact that FA's system for handling writing is absolute shit. I've switched to using other sites, like Weasyl, and attract enough eyeballs now to rival established visual artists much like the OP. Which when you're a writer is damn near unheard of.

    Yes, there is a lot of schlock. Yes, the smut market is inundated with a bunch of terrible writers going into disgusting depth about their every little kink. Yes, most of these people write like 10 year olds. However, all I need to do is look at my favorite stories or read my PMs and comments to realize that for all the piss-soaked diaper-cub-shitting-expansion stories out there, the genre is still worth defending, and that people who look down on it are missing out.
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