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    Sparking up some conversation... What inspires you to write? Where do you get your ideas from?

    I'll start. I get ideas from:
    - People watching
    - Those drunk ideas ("THIS IS A GREAT IDEA" moments...that need much editing but are entertaining)
    - Reading novels (non-furry)
    - Talking with new people
    - Listening to people's stories
    - Working through the thread of an idea with my own thoughts and research until it is fleshed out as a full idea
    - Taking an object and writing a story containing this object
    - Trying to find a way to sneak a reference into a story
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    multiple sources

    -good books
    -conversations i have with people
    -and of cource pictures/memes
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    Everything and everyone around me, including events, places and experiences.
    Our local large barn owl died and created the story of the death of Lord Hoot.
    We had a problem with mice in the Garden and thus came the continuing stories of the Timber mice, which led to the story of Steve the Timber mouse and his giant Blue Gerrbel. (I know, a Paul and babe sort of thing!)
    There are millions of these in my head, if I don't write them, my head will explode!
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    -The news
    -Random ideas pop in my head while walking

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    I find there are two general times when inspiration strikes me the hardest.

    One is during my routine visits from the insomnia fairy. Around 3am or so, my brain just switches on and I can't do anything but watch what plays through my head for the next few hours. Always a treat when I have to go to work the next morning.

    The second is when I'm at work or generally being active. Increased heart rate, higher oxygen content, more brain activity... I'm glad that I can basically do entire installation projects on auto pilot, because I have some of my best story ideas hit me while I'm running around in a new construction house.

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    Writing things that aren't what I want to be writing. This supercharges my creativity like nothing else, because I'll get in the zone but won't be using it. This even happens when I'm writing fiction, but just don't want to be writing that particular story. I wrote something like 45 pages of a sequel while procrastinating on the final chapter of the previous story.

    Pressure. Not pressure to be creative, but pressure from external sources. I do my best writing when I should be studying or working on something. I'm convinced I could give Hemingway a run for his money if I was an hour late for life-saving surgery.

    Other people's stories. Not gonna lie, half the time I read something I'm thinking to myself, "Man, I could do that so much better." Whether I do or not is a moot point, it's what gets me firmly started in a direction.
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