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    Your favorite animated Cartoons

    I'm a huge fan of animated cartoons, mostly the theatrical short ones from the 30s - 60s by Disney, Warner Bros and MGM among many others. Tom & Jerry, Daffy Duck and Donald Duck being some of my all time favorite characters ever created. I also enjoy some of the stuff that was made in the 80s like M.A.S.K., Heathcliff, Ducktales, Scooby-Doo and more. I usually don't watch most of the stuff that's being produced today but I'm starting to grow pretty fond of Cartoon Networks Adventure Time. I love shows like Simpsons, Futurama and South Park.

    Thought I should create this topic for the users to talk about their favorite cartoons since I couldn't find anyone like it and if there is one I apologize, feel free to close this one.

    A little list of Cartoon shorts that I love: (in no specific order)
    Doggone Tired - MGM (1949)
    Cock-A-Doodle-Dog - MGM (1951)
    Solid Serenade - MGM / Tom & Jerry (1946)
    The Old Mill - Disney (1937)

    The Ugly Duckling - Disney (1939)
    Drag-A-Long Droopy - MGM / Droopy (1954)
    Duck! Rabbit! Duck! - WB / Looney Tunes (1953)
    Texas Tom - MGM / Tom & Jerry (1950)
    Fast and Furry-ous - WB / Looney Tunes (1949)

    And a few cartoon TV-shows:
    Heathcliff: Cats & co
    Denver the Last Dinosaur
    Saber Rider
    Pirates of Dark Waters

    Got any of your own personal favorites to share? (:
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    Also Squidbillies.
    Always loved Rocko's Modern Life.
    Adventure Time, of course.
    Invader Zim.
    Ren and Stimpy.
    Cowboy Bebop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oly View Post
    Always loved Rocko's Modern Life.
    Ren and Stimpy.
    How could I forget about these two? They were some of my all time favorites growing up. Crazy hilarious stuff. I also forgot to mention Tiny Toons. All kinds of shows coming to mind now. :0 Oh well, I'll update the list later.
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    Hm. My favorite animated cartoons (based on quality of animation alone) would have to look something like this...

    1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
    2. ThunderCats (2011 reboot)
    3. The Misadventures of Flapjack
    4. Adventure Time
    5. Young Justice
    6. Cats Don't Dance
    7. Rio
    8. Mighty Ducks
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    Yeeeah Tiny Toons! And of course most of the older Loony Toons stuff is solid. Also, Animaniacs! Love me some animaniacs <3

    My mom tells me I used to love Ducktales, and also i think Talespin, when I was a wee little one, but i don't have any recollection of that now.

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    Man, I was crazy about G1 Transformers and Transformers: Beast Wars (but Beast Machines was so, so horrible), like... that period in my childhood was pretty damn ugly haha. Gross sobbing over alien robots everywhere

    Avatar and Korra are another of my favorites. Green Lantern: The Animated Series is worth a watch too if you've got the time - really good story, great characters, not a single filler episode or character and the voice-acting is so goooood. (8 The CGI animation may be a bit off-putting at first but you get used to it!

    Oh oh and for the furries (but not really)... The Animals of Farthing Wood. OH GOD wonderful wonderful show, I love it so much aaaahhhh

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    1. Tiny Toons
    2. Animaniacs
    3. Loony Toons (old ones)
    4. Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
    5. Schnookums and meat
    6. Invader Zim
    7. Regular Show
    8. Ed Ed and Eddy
    9. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
    10. Bonkers

    Alot of other things i could list but let's just say i love toons from the 90's. (:

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    I think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) is probably my favorite cartoon. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Wee Wendy, and The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog would also qualify as personal favorites.

    As far as shorts, I remember liking The Coyote's Lament very much when I was very young, as well as pretty much any Daffy Duck cartoon (ESPECIALLY "Duck Amuck").

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    Avatar TLA and Korra, as well as MLP, are the only Western cartoons I like, mostly because of the story arcs and animation having a clean feel.

    Everything else I like is Japanese and there's a thread for that. :V
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    Hmm...On the Western end,
    Avatar and it's newest series
    I liked the first few seasons of Code Lyoko
    Marvin Mystery
    The Animaniacs were great
    Static Shock and The Justice League cartoons were surprisingly good, as were the first X-men cartoons.

    There's a lot of stuff from Japan, but I tend to cycle through OVA's pretty quickly. I don't have the patience for longer running series with hundreds of filler episodes. X3



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