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    Looking To Buy Heartbbies, Lovenotes, Linehearts, Or Anything Similar

    Just as the title says. I'm looking to buy what is mentioned above, or any other similar closed-species you think I might like. Name a price and there's a 98% chance I'll accept it since money isn't really an issue. Oh and don't be nervous about showing me your own closed-species! I love looking at them and am likely to buy any that are similar to a kemonomimi.

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    Feel free to check out my QuillDogs! They all are canine in appearance but grow quills, many at their hindquarters and some in multiple places, such as the shoulderblades. :3

    QuillDog individuals can be found here:

    The breed profile can be found here:

    I can make a custom QuillDog starting at US$40, with rarity and detail making that price fluctuate. I also hold pre-made Quilldog design raffles; those take place via my DeviantArt account. :3

    Feel free to contact me if interested in this closed species!~ <3

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    hello! i've never actually heard of the things you're looking for, to be honest, but i looked them up and theyre adorable. my commissions info can be found on tumblr and on here, and this is the main place i keep my art. if my style interests you for any commissionwork please let me know!
    comic sans will lead us to victory

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    I never actually heard of those before O.O but I would be willing to give drawing them a try if you send my a description ^^
    Full bodies are $7 ^^

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    Hey there!
    I have a lineheart I want to resell (but I cant seem to put the link here??? Weeps) u can go to my deviantart ( and see my latest journal <3
    the price is $41 he got 2 extra art

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    Thank you everyone for your current offers >w<

    Omg your artwork is precious (and I recognize you from lol) I'll definitely be thinking about buying that sweetie!

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    Haha thanks!
    Im willing to haggle the price if ur interested <33 just pm me on th / 7 /



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