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    Critique Me, Please? :3

    Hello everyone, my name id Midori or "Mido" for short. Anyways, I Am here today cause, I Am in need of major help for my Yaoi manga project that I will be working on as a Doujinshi one-shot. Who knows if it get's noticed or popular I might make a sequel to it. XD
    Anywho, here is my first design on Basil from: "The Great Mouse Detective" by Walt Disney,Don Bluth, and Eve Titus-
    "So far I like the cute design I did for him. However, I Am looking for a semi-realistic Yaoi design for his cute characteristics to make him more "innocent" and less "feminine" looking like most average sized male characters in Yaoi.
    Here is Ratigan's design- I love his design "yes, he looks serious I know", that's his character type anyways. But, yeah, I think he's a good design I don't think I want to change him too much besides he's suppose to look almost "masculine/muscly". Because, if you look at the original Disney designs for him he's pretty large for his size/age.

    What do you lovely people think of my designs? I need some upraises and downfalls on my artwork on how I can improve better. Btw, if you have ANY questions for my Yaoi Doujinshi project I'm working on please, let me know and I'll answer you head on. :3

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    Sorry but the images are a bit too unfinished for me to feel comfortable critiquing them. The biggest problems are things like alignment and uniformity, and once you fix something so simple then most of the other critiques don't apply any more. The only thing i feel i should point out is that Ratigan's hair looks good compared to the original, but Basil's should probably be a bit less limp.

    Since I can't really offer any other advice atm, here are some animecharacters I think might be good reference for you. I don't read Yaoi and kind of don't agree with you using it a genre of art style rather than just a genre of storytelling though.

    For Ratigan I think you might gain something from looking at the anime Bleach in general. It's adult males are often drawn with longer faces than most animes.
    Here are some links to some in particular

    For Basil i suggest first looking at some of the girlishly cute boy trope characters from various anime. Then some of the young heroes to.

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    Thank you. :3

    Thank you so much for you're advice on my art. And yeah, you are right they are unfinished at the moment I will do the digital art versions on both of them here really soon, I've just been kind of busy with a few Manga projects I've had in mind for the past few days. I looked at some of the links I like the ideas that you gave more for Ratigan's looks, Chad's looks sure did got me inspired to draw him similar to his looks/charms. As for Basil's looks I wanted to keep him a bit simple cause, I was really confused on how I should draw his hair and eyes to make him in my Yaoi art style. I'll make a page reference showing you different designs for Ratigan and Basil's design for my upcoming Yaoi Manga project here shortly that way you have a good look on what I'm aiming for.

    Again thank you for doing your best in helping me out with this. If you want I can add you to my follow list so you can keep track on what I'm working on. :3

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    looks fine to me. (i cant draw half as good as you)
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    Thank you. If you want to see the completed LineArts of them please visit my main gallery. :3
    I will be coloring them soon since I'm getting better with using CloudAlpaca.

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    Well not much to say here. You could work on the eye possition cause they are abit to far apart making it look abit like a fish face. Besides that you could also fix the left eyebrow, his right, cause eyebrows are the thickest where they face eachother and get thinner as they pan to the side of your face. You could maybe make a more detailed nose though it's not wrong how it is. And the way you placed the hair seems abit odd based on the skull shape.



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