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    Looking to purchase~

    Hey there,

    Looking for an artist willing to draw chubby. (Please have examples.)

    Looking to have a weasyl banner made for my page. (Stakie)

    Many thanks in advance. Please do not be offended if I do not hire you. You never know what i'll buy in the future!

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    hello~! i luv drawing chubby furs and havent done so in awhile, so id be more than happy to work with either of these offers w you ^^
    here are some chubs in particular (made awhile back, i use a bit of a different style now) (1) (2)
    and here is my full commission page, with examples of newer artworks and pricing:

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    hello, not sure if you're still looking, but i'm pretty good with drawing chub!
    my commission info can be found on tumblr and on here. for examples, you can find links to multiple places with my art on both, but my primary art blog is right here! id love to do this for you.

    for chubby specifically, probably my best example is my character bam--anything tagged #ghostfishkrillart was done by me.
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    I am still looking. In no rush!

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    Hey I never tried drawing chubbies before but maybe if you send me a message I might be able to make some free rough sketches for you? I'm only a beginner though, though I do keep my prices cheap. ^^

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    Are you still looking? I have a couple different examples (new -> old) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

    On a side note, my style for chubby people isn't limited to the ones listed. I'm pretty much open to all body types. 8D

    My style is primarily flat colored but I can also do linework like this (x)

    Out of curiosity, what does your character look like? :0
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    I have some experience drawing chubby folks of various sorts! [x][x][x][x][x][nsfw][nsfw][nsfw]

    My prices would depend on how much of the body you'd want in the banner, and the banner dimensions but should be in the $10-$25 range!

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    My Twitter much game. very anime.
    My Weasyl so art, very colours.

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    @Tamara: Since this thread was made 4 month ago, I'm pretty sure that they found an artist already



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