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    Looking for pet sketch and background artists!

    One of my games in development, Bunny Meadows, is in need of a few artists! Currently, we are looking for the following:

    1. Pet Sketch Artist
    2. Background Artist (Scenery, Landscapes)

    Bunny Meadows is a bunny breeding simulation/adventure game so high focus in the anatomy details of specific bunny breeds is vitally important! There will be popular breeds on the game such as the english lop, rex, lionhead, hotot, etc.

    In the very beginning, there will be 10 breeds released and more will follow months after. When you begin your game, you're introduced to the world of Bunny Meadows (this title MAY change overtime) and you meet with the guards of the kingdom. Right now, our main focus is getting yourself into the kingdom and living on your own since your of age. You'll be working for the castle's cooks, random people outside the castle, and sometimes even the Queen herself (later.. much much later). There will be a lot of story-line to this game.
    After you talk with the guards and make your entry into the kingdom, you will be greeted by the Bunny Keeper, Kelsey. She will allow you to create your first bunny. You can choose only one dominant marking and two recessive (recessive genes will not show). Right now, we have around 8 markings. Your bunny will start off as a baby and grow into an adult so there are two different versions of your bunny that you get to see at creation time.
    After that, you will be lead to Farmer Gus. This is where you will start learning how to garden and expand your garden when need be. Farming will be a large skill in this game along with some minor ones like mining, fishing, etc.

    This is basically a huge adventure game with lots of quests and a cute card-based battle system. There will be things like Bunny Shows, unlocking maps to unlock new features, etc.

    • Availability to produce art on a monthly basis
    • Great communication skills to keep us up to date on your progress

    • Pet Sketch Artist - $3-6 per sketch
    • Landscape Artist - $30-80 per background depending on complexity

    Current game art examples will be shown based on your application and portfolio quality. Please only apply for the pet sketch artist if you know bunny anatomy!
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    I'd love to be considered for either opportunity! I have both background and feral animal commission experience, and the account I use most for artwork is located here:

    Examples of my work can be found in the right column on the page. :3

    Please contact me here on on deviantArt if interested in my work.

    Best of luck in finding suitable artists!

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    @MischievousRaven, I sent you a private message

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    Thank you; I've replied!



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