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    Looking for people who can draw bats

    I have several bat fursonas and OCs. I'm a frequent commissioner and I'm hoping to find more people to draw them for me.

    These are my main bats I like to have drawn
    Andy & Cazzy

    I'm mostly interested in flat colored pictures and fair warning I post art I commission onto my DA and FA and sometimes tumblr (I always link back to the artists account, artists original post, and their commission info. If you request for me to not repost your work it will not be reposted)

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    I don't have any direct bat examples but I love drawing bat wings like on these guys:
    Migrating to actual bats would be fun.

    Those examples are in watercolor but if all you want is flat color digital line art that's not a problem and I'd charge 20 per.

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    Awww those guys look so cute.
    I love bats, I'd be willing to give it a go as well, I dont have examples of actual bats on me right now but I could probably fish them out.
    I suppose the closest thing i have is this dragon
    If you are interested you can feel free to contact me with any questions you might have or here in the forums or main site.

    My price list and all commissioning info (including my full gallery) can be found here commissions/price-list.html
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    i love bats! they are so cute >3<
    im used to drawing large batty wings and ive drawn a bat before (NSFW) more wings!
    my flats are pretty cheap at only 10
    thank for looking

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    If you are still looking for options I am totally up for it. I love drawing bats, and often pick them for subject matter.
    I work in traditional media mostly, so I can mail you the finished work too.

    My badges start at $15 and sketches start around $20 for 9x12 works.

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    It's been awhile since I've last drawn a bat, but I am always happy to draw them.
    My last bat image can be seen here: (NSFW, just nudity for a ref sheet)

    If interested, please email at

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    I can do flats for $20 per character.
    I've draw a bat before:

    Note me on Weasyl if interested!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Note: that's on my old style, now I use thicker lineart.

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    Not sure if you're still looking, but I have commission information over here!

    I've never drawn a bat before, but I'd totally be willing to try. I'm already familiar with their anatomy cuz I love them so much and I cross reference them for dragons aaaaaaall the time. My gallery is my best example of what I can do!
    Weasyl | DeviantART | Tumblr
    Always open for commission!

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    All the batty love!



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