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    What do you think of closed species?

    This is pretty much my personal opinion here and a small legal point brought up.

    I don't see the point in closed species if they're, for example, a cat with wings. Anybody can make that without even thinking and it would be unsettling for it to be considered a closed species. A very creative design is okay though(I can understand the point of making them for money.), but legally, a fictional species cannot be copyrighted or anything (Since a closed species does not take a specific form, it can not be copyrighted.), so even if they are considered closed, people can still draw them if they want to go against the wishes of the artist.

    I truthfully don't mind carefully and reasonably (as long as it's creative and well-)designed closed species. People who use "oh, you just want to make money" as an insult generally do not have the grasp that you need money to help yourself survive in this world. I don't consent to people being attacked over closed species being too similar to one another. It's also ridiculous when people say "you're wasting money on this!" when one buys an adoptable of said species. I mean, if it's a design that's literally a brown cat with a white eyespot for a bunch of money, then I can agree, but if it's a good closed species, then you shouldn't care what other people spend their money on.

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    I definitely agree that it's redundant to insult people for making money off their art. It's a free market, and it seems so....entitled to expect people to NOT monetize their work? Like, art takes time, it's just not managable to do it for free all the time.
    I love creative closed species, there's something so fun about being part of the little community that comes with it. It's rare that I see species that are actually intruiging, though. As long as the owner of a generic species doesn't target people with similar concepts I just see it as people having fun though!!



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