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    Ask me about classical music!

    I guess that I might as well steal Fay's and Frank LeRenard's ideas and jump into this feet first: Go ahead, ask me anything about classical music!

    Who am I? Ok, I'm a Masters in Music (Operatic Performance) grad student, about two months away from graduating (HOPEFULLY)- I passed my oral examinations two days ago, so unless something bizarre happens and I happen to bomb every single one of my finals because I abandoned all common sense and went on a five-day bender, I'm on my way.

    My specialty as an opera singer is the Bel Canto period and Mozart/Salieri operas, but I have a vast amount of knowledge in many areas of classical music, and during my Graduate degree I was employed as a TA for the Music Appreciation course. As I tell my students, there are no bad or dumb questions, especially when you want to know more about classical music. So, hit me!
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