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    Looking for a Developmental Editor/Ghostwriter

    I'm looking for an editor for fanfiction. I don't know how many bites I'll get on Weasyl, but I thought I'd try, haha.

    The editor/ghostwriter would not be writing anything for me per se, but may end up rewriting portions of the work entirely, and of course will be doing some heavy editing. Sound boarding will be necessary, so be prepared to toss some ideas back and forth, especially in the beginning! I also need some help with outlining and organizing story notes. Basically, I need somebody who is absolutely comfortable with writing (fan)fiction, and who doesn't mind playing tutor for a little while; that's it, that's my only real credential. Editors needn't have achieved a Master's in Composition. c:

    Concerning the job in question: there are two fics; one is a direct sequel to the other. Neither fic contains adult content, nor will they be professionally published; editors will be credited (unless they really don't want to be). I would estimate the total completed word count for each fic to be anywhere from 10k-25k words, but it's difficult to really say at this point and I could be way off (the goal, at least, is 10k); for project duration, I'm afraid I don't have an estimated time of completion (we can certainly agree on a deadline for the project or for total editing time if need be). And of course, it is fanfiction so be prepared to potentially be editing for a fandom you may not be familiar with. I can provide character and setting references aplenty if needed!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need more information.

    If you're interested, please post or PM samples of your writing with your rates to me and I'll get back to you if I'm interested. Thanks so much!
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