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    Road Map For Weasyl?

    Hi my name is as it says for my profile, Eiko.

    I'm a long time user of furaffinity, my current profile dosen't show that, but i've had a previous fursona which dates back to almost when furaffinity started.

    seeing the recent change in ownership, concerns have hit me and has me packing a TOGO bag just in case FA starts to sink.

    Now being a long term user of FA, it is very hard for me to just up and leave for another site(in this case weasyl). Mostly cause it has features I'm used to and love about FA. some of which Weasyl lacks and has been the majority of the reason I haven't jump ship already.

    So I'm posting this in regards to what dose Weasyl have planned for it's future?

    I'v done some exploring and noticed Premium tags and looked that up, found a old tumblr post regarding premium features. dose this even exist anymore?

    What are your plans now that you are getting a influx of new users?

    Will there ever be a category system for submitting art, to find a specific art forms(fetishes) ? Maybe an advance search that takes words like Male or Female and automatically applies it to the search rather then having to look up tags?

    Or maybe something along the lines like what IB dose with it's tags where it gives you the most common one.

    What about groups. i read that it was gonna be a premium thing? has groups ever been looked into further?

    To be greatly honest. the only reason i haven't made the switch, which i think many can agree, is the browsing....hence the wonder of a category system.

    Category based browsing is probably the BIGGEST thing you guys don't have that is keep the majority of FA from flocking over.

    Minus afew strict rules and what i said above.... Weasyl has FA beat hands down...

    minus the 2mb upload limit you guys had when you first started lol but that's gone now, no one really needs to upload an images that's more then 10Mb

    But yes, I was just hoping to get some info as to where this sit is heading for its future... cause i honestly see this becoming the new "HUB" for furries.

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    In an ideal world, categories aren't really necessary for a service like this. Anything that could be considered a "Category" could be a tag on the image, and users who wish to search only things in that "Category" would search for the tag

    Sometimes artists don't properly tag their work, but that's really their own loss because they are simply keeping people from finding their work.

    I don't really understand how it's a big drawback

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    Hello there, Eiko!

    Quote Originally Posted by Noxid View Post
    In an ideal world, categories aren't really necessary for a service like this. Anything that could be considered a "Category" could be a tag on the image, and users who wish to search only things in that "Category" would search for the tag
    Noxid has the way Weasyl works exactly right. Weasyl is a community tagging based system, and was designed that way from the beginning.

    Think of it like this:

    Fur Affinity's category based browsing is a 'top down' approach, where the identifiers that help someone find a work are assigned from the top, and the userbase funnels their submissions into those categories once they know what they are. Although tags exist on Fur Affinity, they can only be modified by the submitter, and many people fill those fields with jokes or irrelevant terms, making their utility use low in any event.

    Weasyl's community tagging system is a 'bottom up' approach, where the person submitting the work (and then users who see that work and add any other relevant tags) make that submission easier to search for by adding relevant tags to it.

    That said:

    If you want to approximate 'category based browsing', we recently released a feature where you can bookmark searches for later use, so if for example you want to search for 'leaf' and 'tree' in Weasyl's archives, you can search for it in the quick search box with "leaf tree". You will be taken to search results (and can then further limit what's returned by ratings and so on if you choose to).

    Once you're finished, you'll have a URL in the location box of your browser. It will probably look something like this:

    You can bookmark this and return to that URL at any time, for the newest works with those tags! The advantage of this system is that you don't have to browse works "in the same broad 'category'" that aren't really what you wanted to see. You can exclude tags you weren't interested in in the first place, in such a search: a search like 'leaf tree -trunk' will exclude any works with a tag of 'trunk' in it, as an example.

    You can even blacklist tags you don't want to see ever again in our tag filter feature, at .

    Hope this helps with the transition! Welcome!
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    Personally speaking, I'm glad the site doesn't have a subject categories system, especially one specifically catering to furries or fetishes.
    That presents the site as being designated for those specific interests only, instead of whatever the individual user fancies. It excludes a lot of people. And while it is true that non-furries can use furry sites (I, myself, uploaded a decent amount of non-furry work to Furaffinity before I wiped my account), it still presents an unwelcome atmosphere.

    Weasyl, as far as I can tell, is trying to be a general art site.
    Not one just for furries, or furry fetishes.
    And I like that.
    Resident Koopa Trash

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    I'd have to say that this was very assuring and insightful . but i still have a question about groups? and because i don't see many pics of it. fursuits...whats the standing on fursuit pics?

    about groups, is the groups like FA or is there a different way of dealing with groups?

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    I'd also be curious to know what the plans are regarding premium features. While I acknowledge Weasyl is still in active beta development, I am a little concerned that if or when premium site features become active that they might include features that are currently taken for granted at the beta stage. While understandable, removing access to something users are previously used to will probably generate some nasty kickback. The DeviantArt example of requiring a premium subscription to access some userpage widgets and account capacities seems a possible comparison.

    The only current mention I can find of them seems to be the forum Donate link leading to a Subscriptions page which notes "Permanent premium on the forums as well as one month of premium on the main site when the premium system is implemented", which unless it's an overlooked legacy comment suggests premium features are still in the overall plan.

    I would actually find it somewhat comforting to know premium accounts are a planned option, as (particularly in the light of the recent FA debacles) concern over how sites fund themselves is very forward in my mind.



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