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    Commission request: Thunderbird (Native American)

    Budget: $150

    I'd like someone to draw me a Native American themed scene. It's a picture of a scene that takes place on an American prairie. It would be of an enormous Thunderbird (think the mythological creature) in the sky looking down at an American bison anthro, who is looking up at it in awe. (The bison is tiny in comparison to the thunderbird - so small his details would be hard to see.) I've no particular ideas for the Thunderbird's design, that'd be pretty open - but I would like indication of sparks of thunder emanating from the creature. The sky is overcast with lots of storm clouds.

    There should be prairie grass, but I want the area the bison is standing in to be clear. Maybe just an area of dirt, or perhaps he's standing on a large rock?

    I need someone who's prompt with customer communication, in case I request edits.

    Reply here or message me, I'll give all offers a look.

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    I love the idea-- a massive mythological thunderbird towering over a much smaller bison anthro.. ah, that sounds so exciting! <3 I'd love to be considered for this project.

    I have experience working with and bringing to completion multiple clients' commissions in regards to bringing to life written ideas like this pertaining to creatures in a scene. My main gallery is located at my deviantart page; please feel free to check it out here:

    The price of this, due to expected detail and background and multiple characters, would most likely be around US$140. If you're interested in possibly commissioning me please feel free to message me here or on DeviantArt. Thank you in advance, and I wish you the best of luck in finding the right artist for this project!



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