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    Looking for good Sprite Artist for video game concept/demo

    I'm looking for a good sprite artist to help me make sprites a small demo level for a game idea. The style will be furry/anthro style, fantasy and isometric 3D. Some optional character bases for reference will be provided. I need done:

    -Title Text / Screen [Widescreen preferred]
    -A few characters. [Both Model sheets and Portrait]
    -Attack effects + demo stage, perhaps.

    The budget for this demo is small but this game will expand the scope when the eventual Kickstarter meets it's goal and the project can be properly done by this team I'm building. So, PM me or reply (list examples; quotes) if you're interested, thank you.

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    If you're paying and you want sprites that look AMAZING, I know of a very very very good sprite artist. Note me if you want the deets.



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