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    And thus, we have net neutrality.

    And for those of the Libertarian stripe:

    This is no more a plan to regulate the Internet than the First Amendment is a plan to regulate free speech.
    I am so glad this passed. I wrote my congressman, I *called* my congressman, I wrote my state legislature, and I talked with my state senator personally about this. Somehow, someway, against a committee stacked with corporate-paid bureaucrats, we managed to come out on top. As Howard Beale said, "The people spoke, the people won, it was a radiant eruption of democracy!"
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    If you ask me, this had little to do with us and everything to do with the corporate interests on both sides pushing for what is best for their own businesses. It just so happens that Google/Microsoft/Netflix/Amazon make extremely powerful opponents.

    I'd call it a historical time in general as with that spineless two-face Wheeler at the head of it all never has it been more transparent to see just how heavily corporate interests affect American politics.

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    And I thought I was cynical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeenageAngst View Post
    As Howard Beale said, "The people spoke, the people won, it was a radiant eruption of democracy!"
    Howard Beale was the antagonist and the corporeal manifestation of what is Fox News. I mean, the first half is great sure, but that's because it was raw; the whole second half was about packaging that rawness.

    I only bring it up because that is pretty much the exact opposite of what I hope comes from this. There's no reason why the internet can't be a public infrastructure like the federal highway system.
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