Looks like I have to actually do something called posting to the forums before I get proper access to some of the features it contains Not that I mind that...

That aside, the name's 496th Silverbolt (There would have been a 'the' at the beginning, but alas, the username is too big). You may call me Silver, Sil, or even Bolt for short if needed. I'm currently in a phase that involves me trying to become more involved in at least several social networks, especially ones that help promote art (Which is the main reason I decided to try joining Weasyl after hearing about it via a Picarto livestream).

While drawing seems to be what I usually do these days, I will always have a special appreciation for written works, even if it's technically not as profitable as, say, taking drawing commissions. I haven't really gotten myself to create decently fleshed out written works as of yet, but I sincerely hope to fix this issue soon. Most of my work is currently over at my DA account. Any tips that any of you guys can point out and such are greatly appreciated, as I sort of feel like a headless chicken with this site (and its forums) right now x) When it comes to chatting and such, I certainly won't mind, provided you aren't excessively rude of course.

Thanks for reading this in advance, and I hope to enjoy this site and its community with relative ease ^-^