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    How do you like your reviews?

    Hi guys,

    I'm just wondering. We writers know it's hard to get reviews here, especially detailed ones that are clearly personalised to the exact stories we've posted up (ie., more specific than just, 'plz rite moar').

    I'm just wondering: if you could get the reviews you crave, what sorts would you want:

    Glowing praise and encouragement?
    Constructive criticism?
    A mix of both?
    Short and sweet reviews?
    Long reviews? (and what does 'long' mean to you?)
    Lots of reviews from one-time reviewers?
    A series of reviews from the same reviewer who keeps coming back?
    Do you like having a breakdown of your spelling and grammatical errors in reviews, or does it annoy you when that happens?

    What else do you look for in reviews?

    Just wonderin'!

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    Long or short, simple or detailed, I like honest, constructive criticism. If my work is crap, I want to know and I want to know why so I can try and improve.

    That said, if a reader loves what I'm putting out there, I want to hear that, too. I think most creatives have that nagging suspicion in the back of their head that nobody is reading, nobody cares, that what you're putting out there just isn't any good and hearing that people are enjoying what we've been working on can be a huge motivating factor to keep at it.

    A handful of readers posting positive comments can be all it takes to convince a writer to keep going on a big story rather than capping it off and moving on to something else.

    Also, yeah, I like it when readers point out spelling or grammar issues so I can fix them. Published writers often have the benefit of an editor to look over their work and catch those issues. People posting straight to art/writing sites don't often have that luxury.

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    Usually 'reviews' (or what I think of when I hear the term) doesn't touch on spelling and grammar, unless it's a consistent problem that detracts from the work, or unless it's notably elegant. Did you mean reviews or critiques?

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    I like them to exist in the first place. I almost never get feedback on my work.
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