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    Help on a work in progress - Artists

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    If it were me, I'd find a good reference for the light and shadow in the room. Interior lighting can be tougher than it looks. Right now you have strong shadows being cast which are not matching up with the surface lighting of the objects.

    The picture itself is at a tricky angle, with the characters standing too flat against that perspective. This is most noticable in the scale difference between the characters and the door. I would lower the horizon line.
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    Beside what Tiamat recommended, I would suggest hiding the tail. There's no reason to show it when she's wearing a huge dress like that unless you feel like changing the flow of the dress as well.

    And that the thing about drawing the inside of a building is that it has to have a LOT of detail. You better get your texture pack reader. We don't view a yellow wall as a "yellow wall". We view it as a "That yellow concrete wall with a lot of bumpy spot."

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