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    Looking for thoughts on my commission app

    I'm making a brand new idea for artists offering commissions, and I'm looking for people to try it out and give some feedback. So if you may, click above and tell me: did you find the demos easy to understand? did you have any difficulties registering?

    I'm restricting access to posting at this point, but if you are an artist wanting to try it out, shoot me a note.

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    So, while I'm not at the point where I feel I'm good enough to take commissions, I'll toss in my thoughts on what I've seen of this thus far, sort of like an outsider looking in.

    Yes, I did understand the demos. It looks like the demos for the actual pieces expire today, so I wasn't able to look at those, but at least the link went somewhere, so I feel that's a good start.

    I like the way the profile page is set up, it's nice, straight forward and it looks clean.

    At first glance, the site does look a little dated, but I'm assuming since it's in alpha, design elements are more place holders than final designs.

    So, in short, I feel you've got a good foundation going. I hope what little I've said helps you out somehow.
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    ugh sorry it took a whilo to looking into it. the demos should be working now



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