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    Hi Everyone

    Hello, SunCat here. I am new to Weasyl, but not new to art. I have been drawing my whole life, although lately I haven't been doing as much as I would like to. Perhaps I can find some inspiration on Weasyl and work on improving my skills again.

    Mostly I just sketch in pencil (sometimes pen), but I have dabbled in watercolor, ink and digital art. Very little of my work is colored, but I am always pleased when I do get some color down. My subject matter varies, but I mostly draw anthro with a lean toward manga and anime style. I love animals too, so I draw birds, cats and creatures of my own creation as well.

    Hopefully I will have some art up soon, and I plan to start up a sketchbook thread... which means I need to break out the printer-scanner thing and do some scanning. Sometimes I wish we had a little light flat-bed scanner like I used to use.... oh well.


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    Welcome to Weasyl. What type of theme do you usually have toward your art? Do you draw mostly fantasy, realism, characters you've created?

    When did you first start to seriously draw rather than consider it only a hobby?
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    Thanks! I usually draw my own characters, I have a couple I am particularly fond of who show up in my sketches a lot. I do draw some fantasy type stuff, but in a cartoony way, I draw gryphons quite a bit. Often it is just character sketches, I hardly ever get backgrounds or environment in there, and don't do landscapes or anything. I don't really do realism, but I can sketch from life and photos fairly well. I always hate how it turns out at the time, but I learn a lot from doing it, and it looks good when I look back on it.

    I started drawing more seriously when I joined ArtSpots in 2008ish. I really became interested in improving and spent a lot of time on my art. Since ArtSpots shut down I haven't done a lot of improving, university got busy, life happened, etc. I have never been super serious about it, never considered myself good enough to do commissions or anything. Every once in a while I wonder if I could make money on watercolor paintings... if I did more painting.

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    Backgrounds are very difficult to get down, I still don't include them often and when I do they're not very impressive because I feel lazy. I don't do realism either.

    Ah, yeah, life can definitely get in the way but you can still improve. You never know who might be willing to purchase something. There is always room for improvement for everyone.
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    I think part of my problem with backgrounds is that I'm not very good at them and I find the character sketching the most fun anyhow. I just don't have enough experience with background elements to come up with them on my own. I actually managed fairly well with backgrounds when I was sketching out comic pages. At the time I was referencing my own residence room for the backgrounds. That made it fairly easy because I was drawing from life rather than relying on my creativity to come up with a background.



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