Alright here is the way this should work, read the first part then have your character "click the button" then add a part to the story. NO PORN! and please only things that work with the story, can be comedy, serious, or whatever, just keep it G/PG....
I was seated at my desk and checking out the news on the internet about the new writers experiment.
I reached over to grab a handful of the munchies from the bowl that normally sits beside me when I
discovered, the bowl was gone. In its place was something that looked like a garage door opener.
It only had one button and that was marked “Next”. Under it was a piece of paper with some writing.
“Thanks for the munchies! I have left this for you, it is great fun a parties!”
I believed that one of my friends was trying to pull a prank. I figured that if I pressed the button it would probably open every garage door on the entire block. What the heck, it was Friday after all. So I grabbed some Pizzas from the freezer and called the guys to come over. I was hoping that the one who had put this here would at least tell us what it does. The guys started to arrive and I could smell the pizzas in the oven. I put the device on the table and just left it there when I served the food. It wasn’t long until someone noticed it.
“Hey what is this thing for?” I didn’t have time to say a single word.
I nearly passed out as my anatomy was rearranged. Not only was I no longer male but I was in fact no longer human.
I noticed that all of my friends had suffered the same fate. That was when I found that not only had we changed, we were all now what each of us had considered to be the ideal in the opposite sex. My eyes got wide as I looked down at the perfect pair of “D cups” now pulling me forward. Sure I was also taller and slender in all the right places, while being wide in all the right places as well. The stupid jeans I had on were now very uncomfortable. I could feel a breeze going up my shirt from the bottom and coming out the top where the buttons had popped off. The first time I tried to sit down I realized that my hair was now down below my back-side, and it hurt when I sat on it. I stood up quickly just to straighten my neck. As the shock wore off, I started to look at my friends. OH boy!