Hi, ME and my fiance are really behind on rent ( I work and heía student) due to the holidays and my job essentially giving us two weeks off for Christmas and New Years.

Most of my income goes towards paying our rent and buying necessary items for the house ( including things for my three year old son and our cats. Neither of us can currently aford proper health care physically or for our mental illness, and I canít even splurge on a cheap binder) currently we are about $700 behind, and we might loose our internet soon if we have to choose between that and rent.

I know many are struggling financially right now, so if all you can do is boost its appreciated.

Please see this post for prices and examples http://roguesareth.tumblr.com/post/.....s-please-boost

If you boost, link me to where you've boosted it/FA journal post and I'll do one free Head Shot sketch for you.