Hey folks, Yarro here. I'm looking for someone to RP with, either over PM's here or over Skype.

Typically I like to RP in a mostly industrialized fantasy worlds. Not so much were the technology isn't available, but more where the magic of the world is strong, and civilization has found a way to integrate itself with the world around them. Of course there would be major cities, trade routes, and places more familiar to those of us living in the modern world, but they would hardly dominate the world. I have a tentative grasp on a new world I'd be willing to develop with someone else, and I'm more than open to collaborate on other worlds as well.

If anyone is familiar with the Raksura series by Martha Wells, and/or D&D (as I'm sure some of you are by the looks of the forums) the species make-up would be similar. Humanoid races, shapeshifters, and of course Beast races. What exactly these races are, what they look like, and what their customs are will be up to how we develop things of course. My character will most likely be either Mordecai or Zephyr, who have profiles on my main-site account under the same name.

If you're interested in starting something, or want to talk about a possibility, then go ahead and shoot me a PM! I do work full time and I'm going to start up school soon, so I won't be able to be online as often as I like, but I will be on as often as I can.

Thanks a ton!