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    Submission Images VERRRY blurry

    Ive submitted 2 new images and they seem to be very blurry. They only show up clear if I click the image to view the full file in another window.

    The submissions are


    Not sure whats going on every other image I've submitted have the same format and are not blurry at all.

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    Hmm. I'm not sure here, except to say that in dragon-rider, I can see some pretty obvious visual dithering even in the original jpg image I can download, like say, behind the dragon's shoulder.

    I don't know for certain that it is, but is this a case of that the image reducer is working with what it has to work with?

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    Dragon rider the dragon was somewhat blurry in the original in my files due to me using a new style for an experiment however it is absolutely not that blurry and Nocturnal Bliss I know for a fact is clear and sharp in the original. So why they are blurry as heck when uploaded I have no clue. especially when all my previous submissions have the exact same formatting, resolution etc and come out clear as a bell.

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    This is rather interesting. The second image seems show that the site is using fairly aggressive jpeg compression for the submission page. If I try to duplicate the file size myself in Photoshop, starting from the full submitted jpeg and downscaling, I end up with a quality setting around 30, which in Photoshop terms usually means fairly substantial visual artifacts. I don't see this same compression with any of my own recent submissions, which also happen to have to have much larger file sizes for the generated submission page image. For that matter, I can't find or recall any other examples of this level of site-introduced jpeg artifacts.



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