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    Critique on painterly style?

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    I really like this drawing! I think the painterly style was successful. The only thing I see that could use some attention would be that some of the perspective is a bit skewed. The desk doesn't line up with the back wall, so one or the other would benefit from some adjustment there. Also, even though the side wall comes down at an angle, the window appears perfectly circular, causing it to look flat. I think you are going for a round window, but it should be foreshortened due to the angle, so it would go a long way if you were to make it more of an oval, and add a 3D windowsill. I think I see that you hinted at a windowsill, but I think it is just a tad too close to the color of the light coming through the window, so it looks very much like there is no sill at all.

    Hope this helps! =) I love the dust motes, BTW!



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