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    Fantasy! Monsters! Fun!

    Hello, weasyl forums! I am looking and looking and looking for a good roleplayer to join me in writing stories! I love to write and think roleplaying flexes some very important writing and creativity muscles, so I'd love to find someone who is open to roleplaying with me.

    My roleplaying preferred setting is in a fantasy world, which is not earth if possible. I have my own constructed world which we may play in, but I'm open to new ideas as long as there is a way for me to get to somewhere else. By this I mean whether it's a mistake of magic or an accidental warp, I have to be able to get to somewhere else sensibly. I love being as realistic as possible! Also, I'm quite certain that would be the only way you'd get to my world which does NOT have furry favorites like wolves, foxes, or tigers. So if your character is an earthly or otherworldly species alike, it doesn't matter, you would not exist naturally in my world unless you were a species that does occur naturally. Which is not a bad thing, it might make it more fun!

    Also, I am very nitpicky about this particular issue. If you roleplay with me, you MUST know how to take a hit if there was a fight. There is nothing which bothers me more than someone who can *suddenly dodge* their way out of a fight. That's just not cool!

    I'm generally a flexible person, so if you have any further questions, just ask me and I'll be happy to answer. I'm really friendly and happy to work with a creative and likewise friendly person.

    My Skype name is "aseranoha" and it should come up as "Sven" and a picture similar to the one in my profile here. Thank you!

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    id love to rp with u sven if u want u can Skype me at lilwane1312



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