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    Hello, nice to be here. I'm SALSTROMNIJR on the main site. I came in order to get a feel for the site's users and to maybe even make friends. I'm a friendly person overall so I hope to make some good friends while I'm here and posting. To be honest, I'm not really that much of a forum-goer so we'll have to see if I'm gonna stick around, uhuhu.

    Hope to be acquainted with you all soon!

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    Greetings and salutations. I can sympathize somewhat with not always being terribly active on forums; my activity around here tends to fluctuate.

    Took a look at your gallery and I'm intrigued. You need to post more! It's always great to see more fantasy artists that love to delve into the mythos of their head-worlds and have a passion for creation.

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    Welcome to the forums! Hope you stick around and get to know us all

    Forums take a while to get the hang of but the mobile site is as good a place as any to start if you're new to forums.



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