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    Kopatropa's Art Thread

    I've decided to make one. As much as I strongly didn't want to, I did some basic shapes which were not at all good.

    I still don't see how this helps...

    I also made my first traditional attempt not too long before I bothered to touch on the fundamentals.

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    You gotta see it as a process. Those basic shapes are not just 2 dimensional. They can represent 3 dimensional objects. You articulate these shapes together to form a structure that then can take the form of an object, a character, what have you.

    So your next step is making these 2D shapes appear 3D by adding a light source and shading them. I'd advise sticking to pencil/pen and paper though for learning. As far as character shapes go, be sure to have a basic idea of where the joints are, usually by drawing circles lightly where they should be located, then erase these guidelines once you are putting down the true outline.

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    It'll be rough when you start out, but keep at it. Your brain will learn to apply the shapes to things you actually want to draw, and your overall skill will improve. Vicviser also gave good advice about sticking to pencil and paper. I've found that it helps to sketch shapes first in a light blue pencil and then use a darker pencil to finalize the sketch.



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