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    hi c:

    hi! i'm just an art-obsessed teenage girl who loves Queen. i just joined Weasyl & i'm hoping to improve my art skills. right now i'm really technically based because i want to get the fundamentals down, and move on to more creative aspects later on.
    yeah...i'm not sure what else to say. xD
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    Hey there, and welcome. Good to see a proud Queen fan! Another band of that era that seems sorta like Queen would have to be Sparks.

    What sorts of art are you into, serious, abstract, furry, manga, comics? Or some mixture. Hope this place encourages your art along.

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    @SimoSkunk i'll have to check out Sparks! thanks for the suggestion. i'm still exploring my style right now, but i'm digitally based and i like to do illustrations. i'm trying to get into concept art (character designs and such).

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    Lies! Everyone knows there are no girls on the inter… kidding!

    Welcome to Weasyl and the forums! Hope you have a great time and find your style

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    @Nightpaws haha, thanks for the welcome! i hope so too XD



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