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    My RP Characters await fun and adventure!

    I was hoping to perhaps strike up a few RPs. Only PG-13, here; anything else, via PM. I like a somewhat literary style, but also some humor. Anyway, here's my main characters:


    Species: Skunk (striped)

    Age: varies: 16-22

    Build: Slender

    Sex: male

    Orientation: other males

    Occupation: Runaway

    Weapons: He can spray! And has claws, and can bite

    Personality: Simo has a 'lil mohawk, talks kinda southern; he's very good natured and easy-going, but does have a rebellious streak, but is eager to help others in trouble. He's very mischievous, and doesn't worry too much 'cause he always has a plan. Grew up as a poor hillbilly.

    Bio: Simo leaves his home in the Alabama swamps, after getting caught kissin' and huggin' his friend, Peppy Possum, by mean 'ol preacher possum, who sends 'em off to a pray-away-the-gay conversion camp/prison in the Carolina mountains. There, he meets a friendly badger inmate, and plots an escape from the Evil Rev. Fox who runs the place---but not without getting into some mischief with the other furs at the camp.


    Species: Red Fox

    Age: varies: 18-24

    Build: Slender/Agile

    Sex: male

    Orientation: males, sometimes females

    Occupation: Master Pickpocket. Holds a job as a salesman in a department store shoe department, but only as a cover.

    Main Locale: Chicago

    Weapons: Just his cunning.

    Personality: Alex is a master of charm and humor. He's also a master of cunning, which is how he makes his living, and a living well beyond his meager salary. He's friendly, and outgoing, but inside, he feels very alone, and afraid of being abandoned again.

    Bio: Alex came from a wealthy New York family that left him with a poor relative in Nebraska on a dusty farm after the stock market crash. Bored and restless, he ran away, and developed certain skills.

    Side note: Alex loves to RP back in time, anywhere from 1900 (Victorian Age) to the 1930s (great depression), but can play most any era after 1900-ish....including our current crappy economy!


    Species: Malamute

    Age: varies: 18-22

    Build: Muscular, firm

    Sex: male

    Orientation: other males

    Occupation: college drop-out/trouble-maker/brat

    Main Locale: New York City/Manhattan

    Weapons: Physical strength

    Personality: Maxwell is a very generous Malamute. He'll help anyone with money or in any way he can, but he tends to like to get into trouble, either by getting lost in the mountains, camping, or lost in wild parties, especially among hipsters in the arts district and indie music scene. Not a bad sort, but gets carried away, and then, into trouble. He just wants to have fun, and pretend his life has artistic meaning. He seeks a true friend or lover, or maybe even two, to live with, but is scared inside, and inwardly insecure, and is searching for something...

    Bio: His father is a multi-millionaire, who left his mother when Max was 8, to be raised mostly on his own. Hid dad just throws money at his son, hoping that will solve the problem. He's almost never around. They live on the 62nd floor of the building NY by Ghery, in a luxury 3 BR unit, with the best views in the city.


    OK, there you have them! I have a few others as well that I've used, but those are the main ones.I like a forum or PM format, it's hard for to RP via IM, for some reason...guess I like to think my posts out, even if they're not really long ones.

    I like a plot to my RPs, but please give a shout if any of this interests you. Hopefully, the backgrounds give some idea of possible storylines.

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    can I rp with alex?



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