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    Considering a few trades.

    Hello freaks, geeks and other assorted humanoids! It's the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, which always gets me in the mood to interact and generally have fun with fellow artists and creators. Thus, I'm interested to take on a few trades!

    Fair warning, the characters and subjects I usually request are often a bit nonstandard, i.e. monsters, human-things, weird fae or unusual anthro or animal mash-ups. Since I have so many of them, I try my utmost to match up appropriate characters to people's specific tastes or styles to make it as enjoyable for my trade partner as possible. I tend to be strongly biased towards receiving traditional art but I do like digital as well so that is not entirely out of the picture!

    I work entirely in traditional, so if getting something like that isn't what you're interested in I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. As far as things that I really like drawing, it varies quite a bit. However I'll narrow it down to make it somewhat easier; I'm especially interested in these sorts of themes/subjects: Dragons, mythological beasts, monsters, fae, Guild Wars 2, Art Noveau, Art Deco, steampunk/dieselpunk, cyberpunk, science fiction stuff and D&D/Pathfinder or Shadowrun-related things. That short list is by no means the end all and be all though, just my thematic leanings that I have the most fun with.

    Alternatively, if you're up for it I love doing creature/character design trades. We'd have to work out just how we'd want to do it, perhaps using loose parameters like keywords, preferences or the like.

    As far as what we'd be doing, I'm pretty flexible. Some kind of nice, refined single-character deal is just fine with me, preferably with some kind of background or setting. Something like these perhaps:

    Or if you might not be in the mood for something so involved, I love doing fancy portraits like these:

    I work in a wide variety of media, so I invite you to look through my gallery Sparkyopteryx and see if a particular media or style strikes your fancy! Thanks a lot for your time, ladies and fellas.

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    I'm interested in it. I work mainly on digital media, doing digitalpainting in semi-realistic cartoonish-like style. I haven't uploaded much yet. Check my gallery:



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