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    Good on you for sticking to your resolutions and still doing them in March! It's very easy to forget or drop them early in the year...

    I'm also walking as much as I can, avoiding public transport when possible. Healthy eating... not so much. There are good days, though. As for the rest of my resolutions, it's either 'general life decisions' that poke on a regular basis or reading some comics and watching some shows I've been meaning to read and watch for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loafy View Post
    So, how's everyone doing with their resolutions?

    I'm making steady progress in my goals. Healthy eating and good cooking mostly, plus walking everywhere. I'm getting surprisingly good in the kitchen too!
    You should post some of your stuff in the cooking thread! It's always nice to have more recipes to try out, especially if they're healthy. But Loafy, nice work on sticking to it and not giving in! When it comes to exercise and such, I feel that's probably one of the hardest goals to accomplish since it takes quite a bit of self discipline (or at least, for me anyways).

    For myself, job hunting has made 0 progression. Got knocked down a few pegs and need to make my way back up, although I feel that's a horrible excuse.. but, ehhh.

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    I'm starting to work out twice a week instead of once a week. I can now do a pull up without much assistance (I used to need like around 60-70lb assistance and I'm about 103-ish to give an idea of how much that's improved).
    I won't be going anywhere for a while. Life just kinda wanted to fuck me over in that regard.
    I've not done much in the art department but it's still early-ish in the year.
    Oh, i'm not getting my AA this year because i suck.
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