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    Script for my Comic "How Kylyn Met Julius"

    I did the first script, but the format I used was terrible. So after browsing some tutorials on how to perfect a comic script, I think I found one that's very comfortable to me. Here's the reference link about creating comic scripts P.S I won't put too much on here, just something to see if it'll be an interest to the reader. I'm open for reviews and you opinion on how the story is so far. Here goes :
    How I Met Julius (Revamped)

    Act One: The Voice

    Description: The sky expands a view of the village, appearing two Foo Dog statues displaying beside the gate entrance.


    Narrating: I have seen wild boars grazing the grass, people browsing goods at the market, and pretty much anything else I considered as an average day. However, there was that day I will never forget. I remember that event as if it was yesterday.

    Page 1

    Ext. The rows of stairs descend into the field of bamboo trees.

    Description: Located outside of the village’s entrance, Kylyn walks downstairs passing between the two Foo Dog statues.


    Narrating: It was mid afternoon. I was exiting out of the village, satchel packed and well rested. Walking down the stairs, my mind was occupied by a train of thoughts...which is why I did not notice the breeze had changed—

    (An echoed voice interrupted her)

    Narrating: … unexpectedly.

    Page 2

    Description: The bamboo leaves rattle by a gust of wind. Kylyn continues to watch the leaves flapping through the breeze, trying to listen. Beneath the trees was an open space, that’s where there was suppose to be a fence barricading any stray animals from entering the walkway.


    Narrating: I heard a faint whisper coming from those trees, or so I thought. I was going to press on, but I couldn’t help to notice a broken fence lying on the ground before me. Leaving the opening exposed is an opportunity for a sneaky bandit to escape. But for a curious onlooker like me, it was an alluring way to wander inside the mysterious wilderness. And so the way I went, I entered into Jing Qi Forest.

    Description: Kylyn trots over the planks, and she cautiously ventures into the wilderness.

    Ext. Inside Jing Qi Forest, the sight is dense with big trees and bushes.

    Description: A faint squawk shatters the silent barrier, and the ground is barely visible for the trees are shielding the sunlight. One of the big bushes started rustling, shot out a black bolt that sprinted off like a hare.

    Page 3

    Description: Dashing through the thicket was a bluish arbiter, a young boy with reptile tail and claws. He is being chased by three hooded men.

    Young Blue Arbiter

    (Dashing and Panting)

    (The blue arbiter looks back, saw three men still in pursuit and carrying weapons)

    (He turned his head back and gasped)

    Page 4

    Ext. They arrived at the forest’s cliff.

    Description: The young arbiter screeches to a halt, almost fallen from the edge of the cliff. He gazes down as the tiny rocks are rolling down the steep slope, and then he turns his back seeing three men finally caught up. The short, chubby hooded bandit hurls the balled-chain straight at Julius.

    Young Blue Arbiter

    (Ducks from the ball with chains)

    Page 5 and 6

    Description: The blue arbiter spotted the incoming chain and leaps away, but then another one jumps in front of him and swings Julius to the tree with the spear’s pole. The blue arbiter slides down from the bark and starts coughing, unaware the third bandit is looking down on him with an unpleasant grin.

    Short, egg-headed shaped Bandit

    (Cackles as he pulls out two small daggers)

    Ext. Kylyn found herself standing in wide forest clearing.

    Description: Kylyn approaches into a new area of Jing Qi Forest. The air went quiet as the clearing is lushing with grass and stumps, no sightings of animals.


    Narrating: I did have trouble seeing where I’m going, with the trees blanketing the light and such. Eventually, I was able to tread the ground cautiously and out I arrived into the wide clearing. It was quiet, too quiet…
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