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    Journals etc.

    The preview thing when typing is definitely not necessary. Simpler is better. We dont need to be seeing double.

    The way you have the site set up when you go to see a comment or a journal it goes to one page yet focuses on that subject matter. If I dont want to read journals I click select all and delete not realizing theres not only journals, but comments and postings on there as well. Please separate the subjects in code so that select all doesnt literally select everything. It should select just the section I want to delete. Like Deviantart does. "Cant believe i said that"

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    The ability to select notifs to delete by type already exists with the checkboxes, but is the step of having to tick the box off the problem?

    And honestly, the previews for journals and comments is a feature indispensable for me, since I use markdown coding a lot and make mistakes with it a fair share of the time. It's nice to see what formatting looks like beforehand instead of having to go through the process of editing flubs away however many times necessary (can you imagine the extra pages to load? I can and it's a mess). I can see it as something that can turn into an optional feature instead, but getting rid of it totally sounds extreme.

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    The preview is awesome for when you want to use more advanced formatting, especially for things not directly documented (namely, which HTML styles are supported and which are filtered). I wish Reddit had it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raptorarts View Post
    The preview thing when typing is definitely not necessary. Simpler is better. We don't need to be seeing double.
    Speak for yourself because I completely disagree!!!

    When editing bigger bodies of text, or more complex formatting, it is not only inconvenient but also time wasting to keep clicking a Preview button hundreds of time and wait for the page to reload, or even worse, having to publish it only to find out it doesn't look good and starting to edit the already published thing.

    The on-the-fly preview is one of the best convenient features I have ever came across, and one of the best features of Weasyl in my opinion.

    It is also superior to conventional WYSIWYG editors because you have maximum control over the actual markup, while still seeing the result live, while WYSIWYG editors tend to generate ugly and messed code, and lose information between switching from WYSIWYG mode to raw code and vice versa.

    Also, if you are using Makrdown (I don't, I hate it, but there are people who want to use it) then this feature is even more valuable.
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